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City Centre Apartments apartment in the historical  center of Budapest


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apartments in Budapest parking site

apartments in Budapest 

Aapartments in Budapest parking site

apartments in Budapest  with parking
watched parking site in  Bródy Sándor utca, opposite the Hungarian Radio Station

apartments in Budapest parking site

apartments booking in Budapest
The  way in of our watched parking site near us in  Bródy Sándor street

Keleti_pu, apartments in Budapest

 Railway/railroad station Keleti pu.

Keleti pu._Lotz Hall , _apartment in Budapest

Departure ( Lotz ) Hall of Keleti Station

Nyugati_pu, apartment in Budapest
railway/railroad station Nyugati pu.

International bus station

bus_apartmeents in Budapest

Aparthotel in Budapest " City Centre Apartments Budapest"

How to get to our aparthotel from all directions and all kind of transportation , by car, by train, by airplane,by bus?

How do you find our apartments in the downtown of Pest ?

Address:  1088 Budapest, Szentkiralyi utca 5.

Our coordinates for GPS:
in the longitude  19.064605   east
+19° 3' 52.58"

in the latitude  47.494763      north
+47° 29' 41.15" 

From the airport
From the train  stations
From the bus, coach stations
From the landing place/boat station by the Danube river/

Arrival by car

Click for bigger map


Toll for car on all Hungarian motor ways:   M 1, M 3, M 4,M 5 ,M 6,  M 7and M 8
for 7 days : 2975 Forint,           for one month  4780 Ft.
For bus /coach/
8255 Ft per 7 days,  3375 Ft for one day  (1.1.--31.12.2012.)
Learn more >>>

The keys you can get according to my instruction sent by e-mail after the resevation.
From Budapest you can call me on the mobile phones :+36-30-5190966 ( also Whatsapp).
Please note I am not always able to answer the phone call at once.
Please print it and take with you for the journey including the map. Here some examples:
From the West ,Vienna, Balaton, HR, I, SLO, SK/Bratislava/: You will drive on motorway M 1. Later M 1 and M 7 are joining.
Drive on the third lane counted from the middle of the road after the Budapest sign and Hotel Wien. This lane takes you over an overpass passing by the Hotel Bara over the Elisabeth-bridge Erzsébet hid. Arriving on the Pest side of the Erzsébet hid, drive straight ahead on Kossuth utca . You will drive by the Hotel Astoria, East-West Business Centre (glass office building). The street is called now Rákóczi út. The first lane on the right hand side is Puskin, green post office on the corner second one is at the supermarket SPAR : Szentkirályi utca. The third building is the house number 5.
You find our company's flag with logo at the front of the building.

If our assistant is at the moment not in the office, he/she has a pager and will open you the front door in 2-3 minutes.
Our office is in the left corner of the court yard on the groound floor.Please wait in front of it.
How to meet us upon arrival by car from Romania, Serbia driving on motorway M 5 , national road 4 or 5
If your address is near metro 2 station Astoria: VIII. Szentkirályi utca 5.or nearby.
Please take into consideration that planning the arrival time for a journey by car is pretty uncertain. It depends on the waiting times at the borders, on the weather and road circumstances, on the road traffic,on your physical condition,on the state of mind and lots of other unforeseen events.It is much easier to look for an address in an unknown city in daylight than at darkness when the streets are even empty and you cannot ask anybody to help you. That is why we politely ask you to start your journey much earlier than you think it would be necessary.

From M 5 Romania (Arad), Beograd

Arriving from the North /Slovakia/ via /šahy/ Parassapuszta
Please drive on M 2 -toll free-  all the way to Budapest.
When you arrive the border of Budapest - two parallel lanes  like on a motor way-
look for the sign Centrum -Ujpest. This will be a turn to the right, pls. drive in the righ lane.
You will arrive to a very /8 km/ long main road called Váci út.
It will lead you first through the IV. district then XIII. district. You keep on driving straight ahead , over two overpasses- fly-overs. After the first one  short before the second ones you 'll pass by the Westend City Center with Hotel Hilton on the left side, then the train station Nyugati pu. also left side down by the fly-over.
Under the overpass will be the tram line 4 & 6.
You 'll get to Bajczy Zsilinszky ut . 400 m further you pass by the basilica of  St. Stephen /right side/,  then also right side the square /Erzsebet ter.
The main road  turns a bit to the left after at the second traffic light -250 m- at the Synagogue , please turn to the left.
This is the street  Dohány utca with a trolly bus line # 74. The Great Synagogue you will pass by left hand. 150 m further turn to te righ /Sip utca/.At the traffic light you can turn to the left  up to Rákóczi út. Drive to the right most lane/ for buses/ and 150 m further  turn to the right after the Slovakian Cultural Institute /Szlovák Kulturális Intézet/ into Szentkirályi utca .The third house from the main road on the right side is our hotel with our company's flag.See our logo

If you get lost in the centre, please find out the district number in Roman figures ( like IX.) and crossing /both names of the street.Then call us.
We endeavour helping you according a map.

Arriving on motorway M 3  from  North-East Hungary  (Slovakia (Kosice) Ukraine, Romania : Satu Mare, Oradea)

From the Airport to City Centre Apartments

There are five possibilities to get to the centre:
Direct airport bus - Airport shuttle -100 E, taxi, public transportation, airport minibus 1000 Ft!!You can buy ticket at the bus stop.

Airport shuttle bus 100 E between Liszt Ferenc International Airport via Astoria and Deák tér (city centre)
It costs 10900 Ft. Buy ticket before gettin on the bus. It runs every half an hour from 4:00 a.m. to 23:30 (11:30 p.m.) from Deák tér
and from the airport from 5:00 a.m. to 0:30 a.m. If it stops at Astoria , get off there, because from there we are 4 min. walk. right around the office building on Rákóczi út passing by the post (Puskin utca) arrive to ABC Spar (supermarket).That is Szenkirályi utca . Turn in , 3rd building is #5
You have several options on the spot..

From September 1st,2013 there is fix fee for all taxis (cabs) in Budapest.
basic fee 110Ft
transport fee 440 Ft/km
waiting fee 110Ft/min.

Airport shuttle services "miniBud" . Phone: (1)550 0000. 
Fare from 1900 Ft,but for one person usually 3900 Ft one way.Thre and back 6900 Ft. Exact prices are at miniBUD website. in (2016 !)

The taxi company Főtaxi has a desk in the terminal, where you can order a taxi to us there

Airport minibus "ASM"
Airport minibus for one person 1900 Ft, for two persons 3000 Ft, for three persons 4000 Ft , for four persons 5000 Ft...(October 14th,2013.)
For more persons you will get  discount.
The minibus collects passengers, so you have to wait for. It takes about 50-70 minutes to get to the apartment.
Please note !
To arrange the drive back to the airport from the hotel is extremely difficult.
The only phone line of Airport Minibus Co. is often long engaged. So you will loose your return ticket, because you cannot confirm it by the phone. We cannot  arrange it for you, because of lack of employees and time. Please consider this circumstance !!

By public transportation  Bus # 200  runs from 5. a.m. to 0.15 a.m. from Feihegy 2/b passing by 2/a and Ferihegy # 1. to  Kőbánya-Kispest MÁV Állomás VÁ.  / Metro 3 / in every 15-20 min. The fare is 650/  Ft per person.
It is about 25 min. drive from 2/b to Kobanya from Ferihegy 1 only 12 min..
After you change for Metro 3 to Deak ter.
If you will stay at Szentkiralyi utca 5./  you can walk there in 12 minutes. You start the same way as to Dohany utca. After the # 20 turn to the right , cross the main road Rakoczi ut , turn to the left pass by Rakoczi pekseg/with a PEPSI sign/ at SPAR supermarket turn to the right. The third house from the corner.

It is easier to change at Deak ter  for the metro 2 /red line/ one stop / to Astoria in direction Örs vezér tere.
Leave the metro to the left, walk upstairs to the East-West Business Center, pass by the glas office building right hand,  walking by the bank Estre Bank, Hanhwa Bank etc. on Rakoczi ut. On the left side of the main road is the first corner with a green post office  Puskin utca and the second corner with SPAR Supermarket is our street Szentkiralyi utca. Turn to the  right,  the third house is the number 5. Look for our company's flag on the facade.

Arrival by train at Keleti pu. international train station
If you have five minutes, do not miss to admire the Lotz-Hall decorated by Karoly Lotz' frescos and with the main fresco by Mor Than.
Please go to our office with 30 rooms in the same building VIII.Szentkiralyi utca 5.
Take metro 2 from Keleti pu. downstairs from the platform # 7 or 8. and straight ahead through the walk under to the metro entrance.
Two stops by metro 2 to Astoria. Buy a section ticket for the metro.

Leave the metro to the left, walk upstairs to the East-West Business Center, pass by the glas office building right hand,  walking by the bank Estre Bank, Hanhwa Bank etc. on Rakoczi ut. On the left side of the main road is the first corner with a green post office  Puskin utca and the second corner with SPAR Supermarket is our street Szentkiralyi utca. Turn to the  right , the third house is the number 5.

If you prefer a bus, take bus 7, 7/A or 78.
The bus stop you can find through the walk under towards the metro, but at the second possibility turn to the right at the end to the left. First buy tickets at the metro entrance.Take the bus to Kazinczy utca : 3 stops. Walk back 50 m. Cross the main road at the pedestrian (zebra) crossing).
Turn to the right walk on Rákóczi út to the supermarket SPAR (house number 19). This is our small street. Turn left in.

If you want to walk from Keleti rail way station, it takes for me 18 min. walk on the main road Rákóczi.
Walk from the station downstairs straight ahead passing by the metro entrance left hand.
At the end turn to the left then to the right. You will be opposite the Hotel Hungaria.
Walk to house number 19. See further up.

How to get from Déli /pu./ pályaudvar to VIII. Szentkiralyi utca 5.

How to get from Nyugati pu. train station to VIII.Szentkiralyi utca 5. When you need to change money, the best rate you get in the K&H bank beside the platform # 11.Open from 8-9 to 18 hours, Saturday to 12, Sunday closed. Exchange office with a good rate is not in the building , but straight ahead along the platform # 11or #13 out of the building, then turn to the right walk by the McDonald’s , watched parking site and still before the post office. It is open from 8 to 18-20 hours, but also open on Sunday. The closest ATM is at the exit of the rail way station at platform # 11.
The tram stops are in front of the train station on the Grand Boulevard. You can take the tram 4 or 6 from Nyugati ter(square) 4 stops to Blaha Lujza ter in direction Boraros ter opposite direction from the fly-over/overpass/.
From Blaha Lujza tere you can walk on the main road Rakoczi ut (in direction to the Elisabeth-bridge ). Behind you is the Hotel Nemzeti, McDonald’s left in front of you the departments store Corvin with a parking lot/car park/, right in front of you on the other side of Rakoczi ut is Burger King. You will walk on the left site of the main road Rakoczi by the hospital Rokus, yellow chapel St.Rochus and the cinema Urania. At the second lane after the chapel on the left side of the main road is Szentkiralyi with the supermarket SPAR on the corner . Turn in to the right. It is the third house from Rakoczi ut.

Taxis from the train stations
There are lots of taxi drivers hanging around the train (train station).
I suggest you to agree with one in the price before sitting in.
It is usually better for you then just paying according to the meter.
Remember : the price for you can never be low enough.

Let us know, if you arrive at another train station /Kelenfoldi  pu. etc./.
We will send you directions and maps how to get to the apartment.

Arrival by boat -at the international landing place : Belgrad rakpart
If you have a reservation at the block near the metro 2 Astoria station take a taxi to VIII.Szentkiralyi utca 5.
If you prefer to reach us by bus, please walk to the Elisabeth bridge/white suspension bridge, and take the bus 7 , 7/A or 78 from Ferenciek tere 2 stops to Vas utca. Walk back 'till the supermarket SPAR and then turn into Szentkiralyi utca.
The keys you can get according to my instruction sent by e-mail after the resevation.

Please print it and take with you for the journey including the map.

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