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weather forcast for 1-25 days in Budapest

Travel information, time tables

Hungarian State Railways

Ferihegy airport arrival-departure info

Rent a car services in Budapest
Berauto - Rent a car in Budapest
Fox Autorent
Car Rental Budapest

Rent a bicycle :

VII.ker. Wesselényi utca 18.
Only 6 min. walk from us.
6 h: 2000 Ft one day: 3000 Ft.
Phone.: 06-30-944 5533.

Budapest Yellow Zebra
V.ker. Deák tér, Sütő utca 2.
Only 10 min. walk from us.
5 h.:1500 Ft, one day : 3500 Ft.
Phone.: 266-8777.

Bicycle service near us:
VIII.Puskin utca 14-16. in the cellar.
From our house turn to the right, first corner to the right, then first corner to the left.

Fülöp Kerékpár Centrum
1145 Budapest, Erzsébet Királyné útja 14/a.
Westend City Bike
VI. ker Váci út 1-3.
3 h.: 400 Ft, one day: 2200 Ft.

Danube Legend sightseeing boats For example daytime sightseeing course, one hour evening sighseeing course is more expensive, but unforgettable experience
( 5100 Ft,but  for students 4100 Ft,
 child (10-14 y. 2650 HUF),
candlelit dinner cruise,
event or party boat charter cruise 
on the river Danube also available

Boat excursions on the Danube
Tried by several of us and our guests,
found always informative,entertaining
and excellent
Adventure tour in the  "eighth district"
Everybody has its own Budapest. Two ambitious young Hungarians
Gyuri Baglyas and Manó Domján have decided to show their own one to the tourists during such an alternative „sightseeing", which leaves the Fishermen's bastion, Parliament out and concentrates on the renounded "eighth district".

Special Tours In Hungary
Wide variety of top quality active vacations and relaxing holidays programs including bicycling, walking, cave, wine, horseback riding, birdwatching, water tours, guaranteed programs, culture events and world heritage sites in Hungary.

Hidden military hospital and nuclear-raid shelter Entrance: Budapest, Castle Hill, Szentháromság tér / Holy Trinity Square, next to the bus stop Occasional entrance for groups on special agreement: Lovas street 4/C. Opening hours: 10.00-18.00 every day Length of tours: 600 m (approx. 40 minutes). The maximum group size is 20 persons.
Temperature: 14-16 C all year.
(In summer a pullover or jacket is useful to have.)
Special tours On requests an expert guide to show and explain how a military bunker works or other special programs are welcomed. The giant exhibition is a journey to the past of the Castle Hill, to the world of war medicine and cold war military bunkers, which is unknown to our generation.
History is recalled by over 80 state of the art wax-work figures on more than 2000 sq.m in the caves of the Castle Hill and the former Hospital in the Rocks, which have remained untouched since the sixties.
Details: here

Tropicarium,Oceanarium in Budapest SW
1222 Budapest, Nagytététnyi út 37.
Take bus 233 E from Uránia 40 min.
walk left from our building on main road Rákóczi 150 m to the right to Campona Shopping Center
Aquapark in Mogyorod NE of Budapest

Promotion accommodation for upcoming sport events :

X-Trial World Championship Budapest March 29,2018
Tour de Hongrie 2018 June ,2018

32.Spar Marathon October ,2018 in Budapest

Wresting World Championships Budapest October 20th -28th, 2018

Cultural programs
Nightwish concert November 20th, 2018 in Budapest

Chuck Norris concert November 24th, 2018 18:00 in Budapest
Thanks giving with the Babtists
Nazareth concert December 5th, 2018 in Budapest
Jose Carreras concert December 19th, 2018 18:30 in Budapest

European Maccabi Games 2019
Lasertheater currently closed!!
M.o.u.l.i.n...R.o.u.g.e..Dance Club in Budapest
Programs available in the weekly magazin /150 Ft
Pesti Műsor or at  its web site

You can get at the tourist information offices a free copy of "Programs".

Another magazin /free of charge/
Pesti Est
Recommended links :

Hotels, apartment-hotels, apartments
in Hungary

North Hungary
between Cserhát and Mátra mountains
in Dorogháza
1km from the county road # 23
exit road  between Bátonyterenye and Nemti apartment_for_holiday_Northhungary_Matramountain_in_Doroghaza

New apartment of family Kocsis in quiet landscape  at Rákóczi út 11.
Children are welcome
Mobile: #36-20-231-6890
web site:

Kúria Guesthouse of Fertõd, Fertõd

In Austria :
Pension,guesthouse Palman
Hildegard Palman Mardummelweg 284 6542 Pfunds / Tyrolia.
Excellent, cheap accommodation for participants of Dreiländer Giro and for hikers, cyclists in the mountains
Apartments Lucia - Senj, Croatia  All our apartments are situated in private house with private parking place. Also the house is situated on peaceful place, far from main street but not so far from center and beach. Approximately 10 minutes by walk.
The apartments include: fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with toilet, air condition (not in price), rooms with balcony, look to castle and sea. Television with satellite.The rooms are with two beds each, but we can add beds for you.

Grilling in the garden is possible.


in Slovakia

Uncle Feri's family-run budget pension in the Low Tatra,in Bystra
 house number 138
Tel/fax:+421-48/61 95 322

You find us at other web portals VIII.Szentkiralyi utca 5.

Holiday Apartment Budapest

Quilts, pillows, table cloths, household textiles for everybody! Complete service both for private and business costumers! Buy from the producer!  Fast and flexible costumer care!


Buda castle ,Matthias well


View from Fishermen s Bastion to Parliement
Chain-bridge,Gellert hill accommodation in Budapest

Chain bridge,Gellert Hill at night

Heros square_Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation

Castle Vajdahunyad

Agricultural Museum_Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation

Hungarian Agricultural Museum

City Park Pond_Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation

City Pond


Monument of the Uprising in 1956


Vajdahunyad castle at night


Vajdahunyad castle at summer night


Széchenyi tehrmal bath


 Széchenyi thermal bath with medical water


Széchenyi medical bath outdoor basin


Széchenyi medical thermal bath

Keleti pu_Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation

railway/railroad station Keleti pu.

Nyugati pu_Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation
railway/railroad station Nyugati pu.

Practical, useful hints and information about Budapest for holiday in Budapest at  our hostel,aparthotel City Centre Apartments Budapest

Money, Banks, Exchange Offices
Food stores, Shopping Centres/malls, Pharmacies
Hungarian speciality shops
Recommended restaurants in Budapest near us
NIKA Restaurant
Phoning in Hungary
Public holidays
How to get to the major sights of Budapest, photos of the tourist attractions
Thermal baths, spas
Caves in the Buda Hills
Public transport
Budapest card
Hungary card
Jazz clubs
!! Ruin pubs !! Do not miss trying one before they will be closed by the local governments!!
Intenet cafes, Hot Spots with free WiFi near Szentkiralyi utca 5.

Where to eat out  in the neighbourhood of  VIII.Szentkirályi utca 5.?
Self service restaurants, breakfast and lunch

ELTE menza
Aranytálca (Goldtray) Restaurant
You can find our restaurant at the 35 Wesselényi street ( the corner of Wesselényi and Akácfa streets). Opening hours:
Breakfast: 8:00 - 11:00
Lunch: 11:00 - 18:00
We offer traditional Hungarian and international dishes, at a low price.

Burger King  On Múzeum kőrút . Walk left from  your house turn on the corner left at Astoria crossing also left. Opposite  the Hotel Astoria.Open:Mo-Fr 8-23,Sat 9-23,Sun 10-23 hours
McDonald's  you find just the other side of the main road  beside hotel  Astoria.. Open : daily from  7-24.

Restaurant with gipsy music:  there are hundred restaurants in this area.  Some of them have also gipsy music.We recommend you the   Kárpátia Étterem : V. Ferenciek tere 8. open daily from 11 to 23 hours. Pls.walk left from the house turn at Rákóczi út to the left and keep on walking to the church before the white suspension bridge.Turn at the  Franciscan  church to the left.The restaurant is 50 m further.
Also other traditional good restaurants: Százéves Étterem/100 Éves Étterem/ at the corner of Pesti Barnabás and Galamb utca open daily from 11 to 24 hours. Closer to the bridge on the other side of the main road in Váci utca to the right and at the first lane to the left.

The  apartments are  self-catered. 
However several breakfast  places  are also  close by 1-3 houses   from our apartment house on Rákóczi út.

NIKA Restaurant awaits you with dishes of the international and Hungarian cuisine up to 50 person + a separate room for 20 persons. .
Open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Sat. and Sun. from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Turn from our hotel to left, at the main road Rákóczi left, at the post office/Puskin utca cross the main road. Turn there to the left, at the crossing Astoria right.
Only 2-3 min. walk and pleasant atmophere is waiting for you.
For 1250 Ft (~4€, 2018.) you can have an abundant breakfast, if you pay in our reception, receive a coupon,which you give to the staff in the restaurant.
Two different offer for supper.

Best pizza pub near us: Leonardo Pizza& pub
Krúdy Gyula utca 8.
Walk right from Szentkirályi utca 5. to Mikszáth tér(square). Turn to the left. The tables are outside of the pub 150 m from the corner.

Sichuan Chinese Fast Food           Szentkirályi utca 2.
30 m left from our house. This small restaurant offers 5 % special discount to our guests upon showing our accommodation bill !
This fast food restaurant awaits our guests with pretty large choice ( almost 60 dishes, 7 soups, desserts), unique flavours, low prices  and not by last with polite service.
Open Mo- Thu from 10 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., Sat-Su from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Mákos Guba Kajálda és Kávézó
I.ker. Krisztina krt.65-67.  A Mészáros és az Alagút utca kereszteződésében.
Rendes és kis adagok, egyszerű, népszerű ételek, gyors kiszolgálás, izletes ételek és nem utolsó sorban olcsó árak.
Nyita: H-P 11-21, Sz.: 11-16. vasárnap zárva.
Ha Budán a várban jár, jöjjön le a 16-os busszal vagy sétáljon le a Horváth-kertig.

Indian restaurants Darbar : 1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 54. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Free home delivery:phone: 78698-53
Left from us, on the main road right. Walk on the first zebra crossing to the opposite side of the Rákóczi út.. Walk to the right, turn  left and at the first street (Dohány utca ) urn to the right.
Darshan Udvar : 1088 Budapest, Krúdy Gyula utca 7.
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Walk right from us, turn at the second street to the left. City Indian Restaurant,1074 Budapest, Csengery u. 24. .Kohinoor Étterem Indian and Pakistani Restaurant 1077 Budapest Wesselényi u. 49.
Shalimar Indian Restaurant 1072 Budapest,Dob utca 50. Open from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. and from 6 12 p.m.
Taj Mahal Restaurant 1067 Budapest, Szondi utca 40.
Open from Tue. to Sun from 12 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Banks, food stores,     
The currency in Hungary is the forint(HUF, Ft)
Banks are open from Mo to Fr. from 8 am. to 4 pm.
Major credit cards are accepted at the most (more expensive) places .A sticker indicates acceptance at entrance or cash desk. Cash withdrawal is possible in  several banks in an enclosed area even at night.
In our neighbourhood : in OTP, Erste Bank, Volksbank.
Paying by cheque is not usual, though the banks accept them.
There are many banks and exchange offices in this area.Pls. compare because the rates are different !
Very bad rates 15-25 % less you find at airports, train stations etc.

OTP Bank  VII.Károly kőrút 1-3 . Open :Mo 7.45-18.00 from Tue to Fr:7.45-16.00.
Walk left from your house,turn at the main road Rákóczi ut to the left.Cross the main road at the next pedestrian crossing. At Astoria crossing turn to the right. Its ATM  is 100 m further from the entrance.
Other banks: You just keep on walking from your street and 100 m after the post office at Puskin utca is Sberbank with ATM. When you keep on walking in the glass office building there are more banks and  ATMs. Open from : Mo-Fr 8.30-17.30.Keep on walking to the glass office building passing by . IC Bank open Mo-Thu:8.30-15.00Fr:8.30-14.00.Turn to the left you get to Daewoo bank open Mo-Thu 8.30-16.30 Fr:8.30-15.30 (best rates sometimes here!)
Exchange offices :
1072 Budapest, Rákóczi út 26. open from moring to late evening.
Walk from our building to left to main road Rákóczi.Turn to the right, and 150 m further cross it at the zebra crossing.
Rákóczi út 4  or 6 (Northline) .Pls. walk in direction of  Astoria metro station, but on the opposite side of the main road.
More exchange offices you can find on Múzeum kőrút .Start to walk from Hotel Astoria in direction to Kálvin tér.Many book stores(also second hand) you will find. Among them there are 2-3 offices.
American Express is on the corner of Bécsi and Deák F.u.Walk left from your house,turn at the main road Rákóczi ut to the left.Keep on walking to Petőfi Sándor utca, turn to the right.  Open daily from  9-18.30 .The best rates you will not find here.

Food stores   SPAR supermarket     It is on the corner  of your street and the main road, left from your house. Open from Mo to Fr:6.30-20 Sat: 6.30-17, Sun from 8-12 hours.It is a big  one.

When you leave your house to the right, you get to
Coop Élelmiszer ABC on the corner of   Bródy Sándor utca.Open from Mo to Fr: 7.00-20, Sat:  7-15 hours Su 8-12. It has recently been nicely renovated.
Central Market Hall 1093 Budapest, Vámház krt. 1-3.
Open from Mo 6.00 am to 5.00 pm , Tue-Fri : 6.00 am. to 6.00 pm , Sat: 6.00 am. to 2.00 pm ,Sun closed.
Walk from the house to the right, second corner to the right along Hungarian Radio Station , the National Museum on the other side the former Parlament Building/ now Italian Libary and Cultural Centre / and other palaces to Museum Boulevard.
There turn to the left and keep on walking on the main road , which is called later Vámház krt. It is 12-15 min. walk.
However you can also take a tram from Astoria 2 stops, if will not have this time for a lovely walk along historical buildings .

Big hypermarkets /shopping malls
Tesco  16 hours open. Closed only on public holidays.
Tesco  Fogarasi út  at the address Budapest  XIV.Pillangó u. 15.
Near the metro 2 /red / line station Pillangó utca.
Take metro 2 for example from Astoria in direction Örs vezér tere  4 stops or from Blaha Lujza tér  3 stops /section ticket is valid for 3 stops/.
Astoria is right from the building  3 houses to th main road Rákóczi út, turn to the left and at the second corner.
Blaha Lujza tér is on the main road Rákóczi út to the right after the hospital Szent Rókus at the square with the parking lot.
From metro stop Pillangó utca  cross the broad main road and walk straight between the blocks of flats to the other main road  Fogarasi út.
At night take the night bus 908 from Vas utca  starting at 23.49, 0.11, 0.49, 1.49, 2.49, 3.49, 4.49 every night.
Tesco  Váci út at the address XIII. ker. Gács utca 3. Take metro 3 /blue line/ from Kálvin tér or Ferenciek tere to Gyöngyösi út.
At night please take the night bus 904 from Astoria
at following departure  times 23.34 0.04 0.34 1.04 1.34 2.04 2.34 3.04 3.34 4.04 4.34.

Largest shopping mall in East-Central Europe West End City Center.
Take tram 4 or 6 from Blaha Lujza tér to Nyugati tér (train station).
Turn on Erzsébet kőrút at Nyugati pu. (Western Train Station) to the right following the overpass ( fly-over) .After the car park ( bus terminal ) on the right side you find it on XIII.Váci út. 
Web site is with a map/térkép  etc.
Hungarian speciality shop
An excellent shop with huge variety of Hungarian pálinka (spirit drinks from fruit) on the corner of Rákóczi út and our street.

Pharmacy Shop
Tezézvárosi gyógyszertár: VII.Király utca 47.
Mo-Fr 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ,Sat:8-12 a.m.

Left from our house,on the main road Rákóczi út to the right to the zebra crossing. On the zebra crossing to the opposite side ,then 20 m to the right.turn left in the Nagydiófa utca to Király utca.Turn there to the right to th Nr. 47.
Uránia:VIII. Rákóczi út 23. open from Mo-Fr:8-19 Sat: 8-13 hours  Pls. walk from the house to the left  atthe main road to the right.  At no.39 is another one 300 m further with longer opening.
Pharmacy shop with 24 hours emergency service:  VI. Teréz kőrút 41.   Pls. walk left from the house,on Rákóczi út to the right. At Blaha Lujza tér take tram 4 or 6 to Oktogon. 200 m walk ahead.

MERITUM Kft. 1081 Budapest, II.János Pál tér 10.
A Népszínház utca sarkán. .
pls. walk left from your  house turn to the right and take bus 7 two stops.Turn from Rákóczi út to the right, then you will reach the square Köztársaság.
Prices from 2011: suite/trousers 1100Ft, shirt 560 Ft....

Tichy clean drying Open Mo-Fr 9-18 Walk right from your house turn at the second lane to the right.It is only 2-3 min. walk from us ! Bródy Sándor utca 22.You can agree on time when the job will be done (2-6 hours).1000-1300 HUF for  trousers , 1300-2000 for jackets,1500-2300 for (rain) coats .Prices from Jan. 2004.

Phoning in Hungary
International phone prefix : 00
Country cod for Hungary :  36
Cod for inland long distance calls: 06+area prefix (see phone book) Budapest is 1.
To call Budapest number  from outside of the  city  dial 06 wait for the tone then 1 and the 7 digits.
Three  mobile providers operate in Hungary : T-Mobil, Pannon and Vodafone.
To call a Hungarian mobile number from your own phone , dial +36, then then the Hungarian mobile provider's prefix and the phone number.
Where to buy SIM card to your mobile phone?
Westend City Center T-Partner (Tele-Mobil ’96 Kft.)
1062 Budapest, Váci út 1–3. (Jókai Mór sétány 31.) +3630/230-6441 Tel.: +361/238-7538 Fax: +361/238-7538 Mo-Wed: 10–21, thu 10–21, Fri: 10–21, Sat: 10–21, Sun: 10–18
Take Metro 3 from Kálvin square >> right from our house 3. street again right
or from Ferenciek tere  >> left from our house then on main road left again ,then straight ahead passing by the hotel Astoria ...
Telenor Duna plaza
Duna Plaza T-Pont (Sat and Sunday closed) 1138 Budapest, Váci út 178. +3680/639-009 .: +361/239-4434

Duna Plaza T-Pont (Sat and Sunday closed) 1138 Budapest, Váci út 178.
Bravotel Mammut 1 1021 Budapest II., Lövőház u. 1-3. Mammut 1. +36209609070 Opne Mo-Sat:10.00-21.00 Sun10.00-18.00
Intenet cafes in the neighbourhood of Szentkiralyi utca 5.
The biggest one is in the book store Libri on the first floor. Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sun closed !
The house is on the corner of the main road Rakoczi ut and small lane Sip utca. Leave Szentkiralyi utca 5 to the left to main road Rakoczi ut. Turn at the Hungarian spirit / palinka/ shop to the left . At the next pedestrian crossing cross the main road. It is on the right corner. Palinka is the Hungarian national hard drink made out of fruits/ plum, apricot, pear, etc./like whisky in Scotland.

Another one is in our street just before the square Mikszath on the left side in the basement. Open from Mo to Fr. from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. at weekend fom 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fee 200 HUF per an hour.

A very cheap 24 hours open one : the " Chatman "  you ‘ll find at the corner of Dohany utca and Kazinczy ut. You can also walk from LIBRI book store on Rakoczi ut passing by the other book stores and turn to the left at the first lane. It is Kazinczy utca.
Another one is just opposite at Kazinczy ut 6. with same low prices from 100 HUF per an hour.
See also the map at our web site : Location,map
If you have  to send an urgent e-mail, ask our staff to let you in the office and do it.

Hot Spots with free WiFi internet

Corvin Shopping Mall 1085 Budapest, Blaha Lujza tér 1.
This is the closest one. Walk left from Szentkirályi utca 5, turn at the main road Rákóczi út to the right. You will find on the side behinde the parking lot.
Alaptábor Kávézó Budapest VII. kerület Wesselényi u. 21
1075 Budapest, Kéthly Anna tér/square 1. This is only 4 min. walk. Walk left from Szentkirályi utca 5, turn at the main road Rákóczi út to the right, cross it, walk 50 m right, then turn left in Nagy Diófa utca .You get to Wesselényi út.It is a small square at Wesselényi út.
Galéria Café Pub Akácfa u. 30. 1072
Rosé Étterem 1072 Akácfa utca 24.
Apa Cuka 1085 Budapest, Horánszky utca 5. This is only 3 min.walk. Walk right from Szentkirályi utca 5. Turn at the first vrossing to the left and then to the right.

Westend Shopping Mall 1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3 Take tram 4 or 6 from Blaha Lujza tér 3 stops . Abszint Kávézó 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 34.
BOXUTCA étterem, kávéház - 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy Zs. út 21.
Broadway Klub and Café Bár 1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 64
Café Zenit VII. Dohány utca 1/a
Walk left from Szentkirályi utca 5. Turn at main road Rákóczi út to the left. Corss the main road at the post office, tehn turn in Dohány utca to the left.

Public holidays
Apart from New Year's Day, Easter Monday, Whit Monday, Christmas and Boxing Day there are public holidays on:
15 March to mark the 1848 revolution and freedom movement  against Austrian rule, with official events and obviously demonstrations aginst the current government..
20 August to mark the foundation of the Hungarian State, with spectacular fireworks on the Danube between Chain and Margaret bridge.
23 October to mark the 1956 uprising against the communist regime and the Soviet rule.
1 November All Saint Day.
When public holiday fall on a Thursday or Tuesday, the day between the bank holiday  and the weekend is  also turned into a holiday making a long weekend.
On public holidays is everything shut except the museums.

How to get to the major sights of Budapest, photos of the tourist attractions

1.Buda castle district Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation
( the oldest part of the capital: former Royal Palace,Matthias church /coronation church of the Hungarian kings /, Fishermen’s Bastion with the world famous , marvellous view over the river and the city, Alexander palace /seat of the Hungarian President
There are many museums, National Gallery , restaurants, cafés in this area.
First possibility:you can walk to the left from the house.You get to the main road Rákóczi út .
Turn to the left pass by the Hotel Astoria down to the pedestrian walk Váci utca. Turn there to the right, walk along Váci utca passing by the Café Gerbeaud then along Dorottya utca.You get to Hotel Sofitel Atrium.. Then walk over the Chain bridge (Lánchid ) to Buda. Then you can take : funicular/cable car   "sikló" /up to the former Royal Palace. funicular_Budapest_Aparthotel_accommodation_for_groups_in_the_centre

Do not miss the fancy view of this bridge at night ! View of Chain bridge from Margaret bridge at night
Second possibility : you can take the bus 16 from Erzsébet tér.Jus walk left from the house to the main road Rákóczi út,turn to the left .Later cross the Rákóczi út walk to Károly kõrút. Turn to the right along Károly kõrút.You will get to a large square(Deák tér).This bus no.16 takes you to Disz tér/Parade square/ to the middle ofthe castle district. Third possibility: take metro 2 from Astoria. You can walk to the left from the house .You get to the main road Rákóczi út .Turn  to the left about 250 m at the tall glass office building is the walk-under to  the metro. Metro 2 red line takes you to Kossuth tér 2.stop Parliament building 3. stop Batthyány tér, fourth stop Moszkva tér.from there you can either walk along Várfok utca .It is a steep lane leading up to the Váci kapu, gate of Vác. Or you can take a small bus with the sign of a bastion. This bus runs only up to the castle and takes a round tour there and returns to Moszkva tér.The bus stop is opposite  the exit of the metro but on a higher level.

 2.Pedestrian zone /local people call it Váci utca,because this is the name of the longest lane of it. You can walk to the left from the house .You get to the main road Rákóczi út.Turn to the left pass by the Hotel Astoria down along Kossuth utca to the  pedestrian walk Váci utca. You will walk in direction of the big white  bridge Erzsébet hid.      

Heros square_Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation 3.City Park  / Városliget/  There is the  Hero‘s square view at night, Millinary Monument with the statues of the Hungarian heros,
Museum of Fine Arts /world famous paintings/, Art Gallery, Vajdahunyad castle, Chapel of Ják, Hungarian Agricultural Museum Széchenyifürdõ, a large spa with the highest capacity  hot springs in Europe.There is the Zoo, Amusement Park, Circus etc.
In the summer there is an artificial lake ,where you can hire boats.
In the winter  there is an artificial ice skating rink.
Just walk left from the house to the main road Rákóczi út,turn to the left. Later cross the Rákóczi út walk to Károly kõrút.Turn  to the right along Károly kõrút.

You will get to a large square Deák tér.There is the crossing ot the three metro lines.     Take metro 1    ( yellow line), the second oldest underground in Europe: M 1/yellow line/ or földalatti in Hungarian.
Take it to Hõsök tere /Heroe's square or one stop further to the bath or Amusement Park Széchenyi fürdõ.    In one way you should walk, because along the main road Andrássy út there are lots of palaces also the State Opera House. This main road is part of the World Cultural Heritage.

Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation Parliament building on Kossuth tér.It is the second largest one in Europe. Walk left from the house to the main road Rákóczi út, turn to the left and take metro 2 from Astoria station to Kossuth tér            ( square). You can also walk down to the pedestrian walk in direction of the big white bridge, then along the Danube river upstream to the North, to the Chain bridge,keep on walking to the large building. If you want to visit the fancy interior of the building, book a tour first at phone 441-4904 or on the spot.
Guided tours available daily. Parliament-Budapest-accommodation-apartments
Ticket office is open on work days from 8 am. to 6 p.m.
Saturday from 8a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Price 3500 ft, for students 1750 ft. (02.02.2012.)

5.Margaret island /Margit-sziget/ 2,5 km long   recreation area,open air thermal bath, sport grounds, summer stage, restaurants,cafés,hotels, ruins of the convent of Saint Margaret, the daughter of the king Béla IV. etc.It is actually a large park,where you can walk and rent bicycles etc. and relax. Walk left from the house turn at Rákóczi út to  the  right to Blaha Lujza tér.Take the tram no 4 or 6. to the
Margaret bridge. When you take the tram no.2.,4 or 6 beware the picket-pockets !

6.Flea market/ Használtcikk piac/ XIX. Nagykõrõsi út 156.    
Open from Mo-Fr.7-16,Sat:8-15,Sun closed. Walk left from the house turn at Rákóczi út to the right to Blaha Lujza tér.Take the tram no 4 or 6 to Boráros tér. Change for the bus 54. It takes altogether  about 60 min.

7. Gellert Hill and the Citadella is a must see thing indeed, but the thing I like the most about it is the view the Hill offers! It's just so high above the city, offering a great overview of the structure of Budapest.
From the Statue of Liberty (in front of the Citadella) you can also see, the Buda side and the southern part of Pest including the Csepel Island.
From the side facing the Danube, all the Pest side, the buildings along the Danubeside, like e.g. the Parliament and also the Buda Castle is visible. Simply amazing! :)
Directions: On the top of Gellert Hill in Buda. Access by bus # 7, 7E or 173E from Rakoczi ut to Moricz Zs. korter.Change for bus #27. Get off at Búsuló Juhász (Citadella) stop and walk uphill. Cars not allowed beyond a certain point. Website
8.Statue Park
After the change of political system the statues were removed from Budapest's streets to this museum. This is the world's only such collection from the period of communist cultural politics. It's the most exciting outdoor museum in Eastern Europe.
Open: every day from 10 A.M. till Sunset (~5 P.M.).
Tickets: 1500 HUF/pers , for students 1000 HUF/pers, free of charge  with Budapest Card
How to get there from us ?
By public transport :
Leave our house to the left and  on the main road  turn to the left  to Ferenciek tere ( Metro 3 /blue/)
or turn to the right to  Blaha Lujza ter (tram 4 or 6) on the bus No.7 (only red!), No.173 to Etele tér (terminus).
From this square take  Volán Bus (yellow) departing from stall number 7. (toward Diosd-Erd). The buses are leaving in every 20 minutes. Get off at the Szoborpark Bus Stop, which is in about 15 minutes.
Tickets are available in the Volánbusz Building.
BKV tickets and Budapest Card is not available on the Volánbusz vehicles.
Direct bus line to Statue Park from downtown every day. The bus leaves 11 a.m. from Deák Square (Deák tér - Metro N°1,2,3), from the bus stop distinguished by the Statue Park-timetable.
Return tickets are 3.950 HUF/pers. (with Budapest Card, it's only 2.450 HUF/pers.), the price includes the ticket for Statue Park as well. Ticket available on the buses.
By car :
leaving from our house at the second corner (Bródy S.utca) turn to the right, first corner again to the right.At the traffic light turn to the left. Drive over Elisabeth bridge (Erzsébet hid = white suspension bridge) in directikon of the M1, M7 motorways/ Vienna, turn off at the Budaörsi function to road number 7. The Statue Park is 7 km away.

Thermal baths, spas  
There are about 125 hot springs and  13 thermal baths in Budapest.You can hire bathing suites.
They are usually open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.Massage is available in  every bath. Cap, towel , bathrobe are not included in the price. Prices are only informativ  from 2018..

Gellért-fürdõ It is part of the  hotel Gellért at the Buda side of the Szabadság-hid /Liberty bridge/.    Address: 1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4.
Entrance to the bath is from the hill side. It is supposed to be  the most beautiful bath in Europe !
Entrance : 5600 with locker usage and 6000 HUF with cabin/cubicle.
On the week end 200 Ft more..
therapeutic massage 4500 Ft..Prices are informativ for 2018.
Open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.
Actual info at their web site
Walk left from your house, turn at the main road to the right Take bus 7 black number (number not in the frame) to the hotel Gellért. Second stop after the Danube river..Ask for Gellért.Here you meet the elegance of the old world.

Király Fürdõ Address: II. ker. Fõ utca 84   It is a genuine turkish steam bath.
It has been operating from 1566 !
Open only for adults,daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.,
There is one big pool and 4 small ones with different temperature.
Entrance fee:2800 HUF (cabin) 2400 Ft (locker). 
Leave your  house to the left.Take the metro 2 red line to Battyány tér in direction of Déli 5 stops. From there you can walk on Fő út, or take the bus 86.
Prices for massage are 15-20 % cheaper than in the above Gellért fürdő.

Széchenyi Fürdõ  XIV.ker. Városliget, Állatkerti krt. 11. :
City Park It has the highest capacity hot springs in Europe. It is also famous for the chess players,who are playing in the water.. SzechenyiBad_Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation
More photos about the different basins outdoor in winter in the court. Entrance fee with  locker usage 5200 HUF
If you want to use a cubicle(cabin) the entrance fee is 5700 HUF.
On week end you have to pay 200 Ft more.
Medical  massage costs for 4500 HUF.

After entering the bath, you will get a time and a numer of the masseur /masseuse a the desk. Please go immediatelly to the masseur  to confirm the time.
It has a large open air basin for swimmers and some small pools with different  water temperature.Open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Actual info at their web site

Walk left from your house, turn at the main road to the left. At the first small  crossing with pedestrian zebra crossing, left you see the post office at Puskin utca, cross the main road. Walk left either on the main road Rákóczi út or in the paralell  lane Dohány utca to the left.
If you walk in Dohány utca, you get to the unique building of the Great Synagogue, which is the largest one in Europe.. Turn to the right at Károly kőrút until you arrive to Bajcsy  Zsilinszky út.
Underground station / Metro 1 = Földalatti look for the yellow sign /.
This is the second oldest underground in Europe after the Tube in London. Take it to the stop of Széchenyi fürdő.

Palatinus  open air bath on Margaret-island. Open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Prices are informative for 2018. 2800 on weend, 2400 Ft on workday.
With usage of cubicle costs  1000 ft more.
It has large lawns.
Walk left from your  house,  turn at the main road to the right.Walk to Erzsébet kőrút. But you can also take the bus 7 red number 1 stop. At Blaha Lujza tér take the tram 4 or 6 in direction of Moszkva tér to the middle of Margit-hid (bridge) .From there  10 min. walk. If you do not want to walk on Margaret island, take  bus  26 directly to the bath from Nyugati tér, which is also a tram stop..

Caves in the Buda Hills
If you are longing  for relaxing , hiking in the hills, this is your destination in Budapest !
Buda hills are dolomite mountain chain. So there are some caves.

Pálvölgyi cseppkõbarlang     II. ker. Szépvölgyi ût 162.           Stalagtite cave.
Leave your  house to the left.Take the metro 2 red line to Battyány tér in direction of Déli 5 stops.Change for the bus 60 or 86 to Kolossy tér. Take the bus 65 or 65A to the cave.   Afterwards you can enjoy the view from the top of Hármashatárhegy and  have a meal there.

Szemlõhegyi barlang    II.ker. Pusztaszeri ût 35.
Leave your  house to the right, turn at the main road to the right.Take the metro 2 red line to Battyány tér in direction of Déli pu. 5 stops.Change for the bus 60 or 86 to Kolossy tér. Take the bus 29 to the cave.
You can make nice trips in the hills. For example this one:
Leave your  house to left.Take the metro 2 red line to Battyány tér in direction of  Déli to Moszkva tér. Take tram 56 or bus 56 to Budapest Hotel.
Take cogwheel /Fogaskerekű/  from Budapest Hotel to the top. The station is opposite to the round towerlike building. Change for Children’s rail way to the  outlooking tower Jánoshegy. This is the highest point in Budapest 529 m.Here you can hike a lot.Later take the chair lift called" Libegõ " down .The Chair Lift  is the one of the most interesting sights of the hills of Buda. During your trip you can take delight in the beautiful panorama. It takes you up to the top of the Janos Hill from Zugliget.
The track is 1040 metres long and it goes very slow above the gardens of Zugliget around 10-15 minutes! Check the actual timetable ! Opening Hours: 10-16.
Bus number 158 takes you back from Zugliget to Moszkva tér.

Public transport                from   VIII. Szentkiralyi utca 5. 
Tickets for metro (underground), bus, tram, trolley-bus are available at the metro entrances and bus/tram terminals either from machines or at the ticket offices. You can also get there passes.Prices from January 1st to December 31st,  2018.
Normal ticket valid for bus, tram, trolley-bus, cogwheel, suburban railway (HEV)to the border of Budapest:                                                                                     350 Ft            
- when you buy it on the bus, tram etc. (only on some lines available):             450 Ft
Metro section ticket (up to 3 stops, which is enough from Keleti train station to get to any of our apartments:                                                                                300 Ft
10 tickets together (collect tickets), valid as a normal ticket, but only together with the cover:                                                                                                   3000  Ft
One-day ticket, valid for all vehicles to midnight:                                         1650 Ft
Tourist ticket for 72 hours                                                                      4150 Ft
(valid from the day of purchase  to midnight of the third day.I recommend,because it is handy
One-week-pass:                                                                               4950 Ft Pass for 30 days/ month-pass:                                                                 9500 Ft

There are  tickets  you can change with  lines for full length of the lines:        530 Ft
Web site of the Budapest Transport Company in English.
Budapest card
permits unlimited travel on public transport, free or discounted entry to 60 museums and other sights, a half price sightseeing tour as well as discounts in restaurants, spas and ...
Budapest card for 24 hours 6490 Ft, for72 hours:                                 12990 Ft

Luggage : free of charge you can take 2 pieces  up the  to following size  40x40x80 cm with you..
If you have more or larger luggage  please validate another ticket for the luggage.

Fines  paid on spot  8000 Ft, paid in 10 days 16000 Ft.

Hungary Card
Hungary Card - We hope that you will frequently visit the various regions of Hungary with this card in your pocket. By doing so, you will not only have a richer experience, but you will also save a significant amount of money.

How to get from the apartment to:

* Keleti pu. (Eastern Railway Station) at Baross tér.
It is actually the international train station.
If you are there, do not miss the corridor leading to the fescos
in the Lotz Hall.
Walk from the house to the left to the main road Rakoczi ut. Turn there to the right. 60 m from the 'ABC' supermarket there is a bus stop: line '7' or '7A'. Take it for 3 stops to the Keleti pu. You can also take  the metro line '2' from the 'Astoria' station - go to the left from the house, turn to the left. At the glass office building there are the stairs to the metro entrance. The metro runs from about 5.10 11.15 p.m.

* Nyugati pu. (Western Railway Station) at Nyugati ter (trains to Debrecen, Szeged, Szob).Walk left from the house to the main road, then turn left.Walk to Ferenciek tere for about 7 minutes. Take then the metro line '3' M 3 (blueline) for 3 stops.

* Déli pu. (Southern Railway Station) (trains to Balaton, Pecs, Westhungary). Take the metro line '2' from the 'Astoria' station to the end stop - walk left from the house and then turn left at the main road Rákóczi út. Walk to the glass office building, then downstairs.

* Ferihegy Airport bus buses run every half an hour from Erzsébet tér to the airports 2.a and 2.b. They are just beside each  other. It is on the way to the modern airport Ferihegy 2/a and 2/b.
By public transportation  you can get taking the metro 2 from Astoria  to Deak ter.Change for metro 3 to the end/Kobanya -Kispest. From there you can take the bus number 200.

Night buses
From midnight to the start of the regular buses you can take at Rakoczi ut line '78E'.At Museum korut-Karoly korut - '14E' or '50E'. They run every 20-30 minutes.
Taxi prices are varying from minute to minute, from cab to cab. It is good if you order it before with a fix price.
For  example:'6x6 Volan Taxi' (2 666 666) or 'Fotaxi' (2222222 or 06-80-222 222,whichis a free of charge call).       

Discos :
Közgáz Pince Klub IX, Ker, Fővám tér 8.
The club is open from Mo to Sat.from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.  Disco is on saturdays.
Right from the house at the second lane to the right / Bródy Sándorutca /,at the main road / Múzeum kúrút / to the left.

Arató disco: V. Váci utca 33. Several halls for different programs. Open from Tue. to Sat. between 9.30 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Left from the building at the main road Rákóczi út to the left to Ferencziek ter.

Universum Music Cafè V.Váci utca 34, open daily from 10 p/m/ to 4 a.m. Opposite the  Arató disco.

SOTE Klub VIII. Nagyvárad tér 4. Open only Sat.from 10 p.m 4,30 a.m.
Left from your hotel to the main road, then to the left, keep on walking on the main road  Rákóczi út to Ferencziek ter. From there take metro M 3  /blue line/ in direction  Kőbánya-Kispest to Nagyvárad tér.

Stage Pub
V. Aranykéz utca 5 Open from Mo, to Fri. from 11 2 p.m.Sun. from 7 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Jazz clubs
Alkatraz adddress: 1072 Budapest, Nyár u. 1.
Walk left from the hosue, at the main road turn to the right, cross the main road and turn there to the right. It is on the corner of the main road Rakoczi ut.

New Orleans Klub and Restaurant at 1066 Budapest, Lovag utca 5.
The same way you can walk, but 15 min. longer walk. First one block further from Alkatraz  on Rákóczi út, turn at Klauzál utca to the left and keep on walking straight ahead.
The street name will change to Csányi then to Nagymező. Passing by some theaters, you will reach V. ker. Lovag utca.

A38 Jazztaurant at a boat on the Danube river.

Ráday Klub at Budapest, IX. ker. Ráday u. 43-45.
Walk right from our bulding, turn at the second corner to the right in Bródy Sándor utca . At the main road /Múzeum kőrút turn to the left. Walk by the National Museum. Go downstairs in the walk under and turn there to the left and look for the stairs leading up to Raday utca.

Gödör Klub V. Erzsébet tér
Take metro 2 from Astoria one stop to Deák tér.

City Centre Apartments Budapest Inc. - apartment hotel in Budapest- wishes   you a pleasant stay in Budapest !

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