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Are you a student ?
Looking for a job ?
Looking for a flat/apartment to stay free ?

Do want to learn languages /English, German, Italian, Hungarian etc. / or  improve your language knowledge ?

Do you like meeting other people, get to know different culture ?
Join us  !
Our company rents apartments and rooms with bath in apartments for holiday for mainly for short term(1-8 days) like hotels.    We are looking for clean, serious, hard working, non-smoking women or men , who can concentrate on their job whiles they even smile. English knowledge  and paying a deposit  are essential  and other language knowledge is welcome.

You must have some basic knowledge of Hungarian, or you have to learn it in the first 5 days. At least a two pages text in Hungarian-English.
two different jobs:
-cleaning the apartments after the guests left, washing bedclothes  and ironing sheets.

- Accommodating the guests arriving to our office at Szentkiralyi utca 5.
(registering, giving invoice,  receiving the rent and the deposit, giving the keys and receipt for the deposit). Occasional help in the office work. Cleaning apartments.
In my family house with a garden, where some of our employees are living free of charge: the job is here  washing the laundry, hanging up for drying, ironing only the sheets with an ironing machine, (Windows, eMClient, Open office etc. programs) skills are necessary.

We work from 8 to 16:30 hours but only 8.5 hours per day all days a week..
Day off you will get according to the agreement with the owner/manager and your colleagues. Most of the job must be done between 9 and 14 hours. We also work at  weekend, but we only do the most important job. Every week is one day off.

To start this job , sign a contract for either 2-3 months or  one year with the possibility of extension for more months   you have to learn by heart about 20 pages  info ( job description, and some pages  English text to communicate with the tourists and  less info in your second language( German  or another for example a Slavic language)what we use to communicate with our guests.
to pass the probation time of two months after that we apply for the work permit  and  after within 2 weeks  for the permit to stay. It takes about 2-3  months from the first day  you started working here. But if you learn the job faster we can arrange  it faster, too.
to bring original copy of your highest degree diploma.
We require 60 000 HUF~ 200 Euro  deposit or the same value in other currency can be changed in Hungarian banks, which should be paid at begin of the work.     
It will be returned at the final day, when the assistant leaves the company.
Students on Hungarian universities do not need any work permit. They can work max. 20 hours per a week.
Wages for cleaning:the first  month at least 135 000 Ft/ about  430 Euro. From the second month 140 000-160000FT ( about 445-510 €).
However we have not every day a cleaning job. So it is advisable to learn the second job as well. Otherwise the job might be only for half a day (part time job for example for students) .The salary will be then also half of the full time job.

If you take cleaning and receiving guests and know the job description + min. 4 pages conversation English by heart (passing the entrance exam before starting the job you get 155 000 Ft ( about 495).
For the second months 160 000-190 000 Ft( about 510 -605 .
For full time job you get a Budapest travel pass free of charge if you live in my house .
The exchange rate varies for 1 Euro .   ~313 HUF (July 4th, 2019), depending the day.
At the beginning of the second and third month we ensure the possibility to improve your wage by a new exam from the content of our web site.
After the first month probation time the salary is  between 160-190 000 (510-610 Euro) for the second job.
premium wage can be received after 12 months worked time up to 125 000 Ft (400 ).
 All the information including the instruction for the job / detailed description of the job/ will be sent to the candidate.
To view the essential conversation to learn click here.
To read the job instruction click here
The contract according the to work permit issued by the Hungarian authorities  could be maximum:60 000 Ft ( about 290 Euro).
This is an excellent opportunity to  practice languages,  learn other  skills , get to know the Hungarian culture  and  Budapest.
It is a great possibility for students to stay free of charge and earn some money in Budapest

address in the down town:
1088 Budapest,VIII. Szentkirályi utca 5.

near the metro 2 Astoria station, third house from the main road Rákóczi ut.    
Working hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please send your CV  to the owner : Mr. Andras Szilagyi


City Centre Apartments Inc. wishes  you lots of fun and tips during your work in Budapest !

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