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vendégház_tiszta_olcsó_szállás_Budapesten Online booking
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Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation For travel agents and groups


Aparthotel, hostel in the centre of Budapest
groups, school class excursions are welcome

Cheap hotel in Budapest
Apartments, guest rooms with en suite bath in Budapest center


Cheap hotel in Budapest.
Accommodation,rooms with,bath and
use  of kitchen in Budapest

stúdió szállás budapesten 6/a

Hostel in Budapest.Cheap accommodation, rooms with bath, refrigerator, use of kitchen
in Budapest center

Pensionat_i_ centrum_i_lugn_och_stillsam_hus

Aparthotel, hotel room with bath in  Budapest
ideal for group accommodation, school class trip

Aparthotel in_Budapest

Reductions, discounts, surcharges to the rates, prices of City Centre Apartments Aparthotel, apartment hotel in Budapest

Hostel in Budapest, serviced apartments, hotel room with bath in the downtown of Budapest

Season surcharges
Surcharge for late arrival

Reductions, discounts
Student discount
Group reduction
Reduction for sportsmen
Reduction of the national holiday around March 15th, 2015
Let's remember the heros of the Budapester street boys from 1956 !
Advent and Christmas promotion for lovers !
Long term rental reduction
Reduction for online reservation

Periods with season surcharge in  2016.
Please add these surcharges to the list prices !
During season we cannot give discounts.

10 % surcharge
on every thursday, Friday and Saturday,
from January 4th to 10th,
from March 25th to 29th, Easter,
from April 30th to May 4th
from August 1st to 12th and from August 19th to 22ndt

20 % surcharge
from August 11th to 18th,
from 28th December to  3rd January 2014. for New Year's Eve , min.stay for four nights.
Minimum stay is two nights during the summer high season in August and four nights in the New Year s Eve season.

Surcharge for late arrival
We can only receive guest after 10 12 p.m., if he pays 10 %, but from 12 p.m. to 02 a.m. 20 % surcharge. We require the first night's rent in advance.  More info

Discounts, reductions

In the season we cannot give any discount !
Several discounts and seasonal promotions at our web site cannot be given together, only one during one stay.
Please note we cannot give  these reductions automatically. 
Our company is facing a difficult situation with the hight costs and high taxes.
Please refer to the  reduction upon upon arrival as following.
Precondition for receiving any discount is: making a reservation online and verifying your e-mail address by the link of our software message and verifying our personal confirmation in an e-mail.
Make sure you are going to show it upon arrival in our reception.

Student discount
We give 10 % reduction for students with International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

Reduction for long term stay
Our staff gives following discounts for long term rentals in case the total rent for the whole stay together with the deposit for the keys will be paid in cash in one amount upon arrival
- for longer stay than  3 nights   6 %
- for longer stay than  8 nights 12 %
- for longer stay than 12 nights 20 %
- for longer stay than 18 nights 35 %
- for longer stay than 24 nights 45 %
- for longer stay than 30 nights 55-65 %
In the heating and tourist season we can only give the lowest discount. Regarding dates please see the periods with surcharge.
In case of prolongation of  stay the guest keeps the discount received for the first part of his stay.  More info here.

Group discount
More than 19 person group we require a downpayment - at least the first night's rent.
The reduction is depending on duration of the stay, student members in the group and the total number of the group.
Precondition for the group discount is a firm reservation online  with prepayment at least of the first night' rent .

Reduction for groups
from 20 to 40 person for one night
for student group 33 % for adult group 23%    
                               for two nights
for student group 37 % for adult group 27 %
                               for more nights
for student group 45 % for adult group 35 %
Discount for group over 40 people:
                               for one night
for student group 36 % for adult group 26 %
                               for two nights
for student group 40 % for adult gropu 30 %
                               for more nights
for student group 48 % for adult group 38 %

Reduction for sportsmen
We provide 20 % reduction for sportsmen, coaches  and clubs, who are arriving as participant to a sport event in Budapest.
Reduction for the holiday revolution in March 15th,1848
We provide 10 % reduction one night and 15% reduction for two nights stay between March 13th and 16th,2015 in accordance with the general conditions of reductions.

Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation               Let' s remember the heros of the Budapester street boys !
                          Remeber with us and get 20 % reduction from October 22nd
                  tol the end of the resistant  fight, November 15th .

Advent and Christmas promotion for lovers ! Aparthotel_apartment_hotel_in_Budapest_group_accommodation

Couples and also groups which person number is divisible by two, receive 15 % reduction from November 15th to December 28th from  our double room and fourbedded room prices even for one night.
Take a walk on Budapests lit up streets and Christmas markets, get an unforgetable experience for your life long !
Find good bargains and save money in Budapest !

This reduction cannot been drawn together  with other discounts and requires verified online reservation. Please print this reduction and show it upon arrival in the reception.

Reduction for online booking, reservation
We offer 10 % reduction for online reservation, under the condition, that you will not call us, just use our web site form for making a reservation.
We consider as an online booking, when you fill in the reservation form at our website and send it online to us. You will receive a confirmation from us. You verify this confirmation.
The reservation form completed by you will be also at the bottom of the confirmation.
There you can checked by yourself what you have ordered.
You are kindly asked to print thas verification out and show it to our assistant in the reception .

The reductions cannot be drawn together and valid only with your verification to our confirmation.
Print this page and our confirmation received by e-mail  out, show them in our reception upon arrival.

City Centre Apartments Budapest Inc. - apartment hotel in Budapest- wishes   you
a pleasant stay in Budapest !

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