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Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest group accommodation Our services & terms - frequently
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Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest group accommodation For travel agents
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Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest group accommodation Job offer
Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest group accommodation Flat for sale
Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest group accommodation Flat,apartment for students
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budget apartments in Budapest center
Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest Szk21 bath room

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Guest room with own bath in Budapest center

Serviced apartment in Budapest
Komfortable apartments in Budapest
downtown, near  univercities for rent

Cheap accommodation in Budapest, clean rooms
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Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest air conditioner

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Szk21/3 kitchen Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest group accommodation

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Hotel reservation in Budapest
Apartments and hotel rooms with own bathroom
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Serviced apartment in Budapest
Accommodation in a quiet , but centrally located guest house / apartment hotel
Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest 11.2 room with bath

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Aparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest group accommodation

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Services, terms and conditions

of hotel, serviced apartment in Budapest
Frequently Asked Questions by the guests of apartment hotel City Centre Apartments

Info by the phoneAparthotel apartment hotel in Budapest group accommodation

How to reserve/book a room
You are welcome without reservation as well
Shengen visa  support/Voucher for visa to Hungary
Regarding money exchange in Budapest, payment conditions
Key deposit
Availability,how to pick up the keys ?,checking out
Late arrival after 4 p.m.
How to pay ?
House rules in Szentkirályi utca 5.(Organization and Function Regulations of the comdominium)

Aparthotel, apartment hotel in Budapest

Baggage room /left luggage
Self-catering, use of kitchen
Taxes,Tourist tax
Bed cloth,towels
Final cleaning
Room service
Apartment amenities:
Rule for Non-smoking in the apartments,smoking areas in the staircase.Fine is from 500€ to 6600 €!!!

Place for smokers
Air conditioner
DSL and WiFi internet access
Washing machine, dryer
Double beds
Wheel chair
Watched parking sites,parking rules in Budapest
Our house is petsfriendly
Living room
Discount bicycle rental for our own guests
New beauty salon with budget prices in our building in Szentkirályi utca 5green point beauty, authentic green beauty salon in Budapest

How to reserve/book a room
- for simply inquiry after availability click this link Check availability/ simply inquiry
- for secure reservation on the internet:Please fill in the file Booking without any credit/debit card and send us online.

You'll get an offer / confirmation with several options in a few hours, but latest by midnight. After you have chosen the proper option, you'll get the  confirmation in a few hours by e-mail.
In case you send a  booking with the remark " booking " you'll get the confirmation in a couple of hours.
-By fax .You'll get an answer in 24 hours.
-By visiting our office in Szentkiralyi utca 5.
-By the phone only on the same day or a day prior your arrival.

You are welcome without reservation as well
If you do not have the time to fill in our reservation form or it is too complicated for you, you can come to us without reservation as well.
If you do not need more than four rooms and you do not come late evening, we will have on 360 days a year rooms available for you.
About 35% of our guests arrive without reservation, without calling us!
They just show up and choose accommodation. In the seaon however you rather make a reservation wth down payment

On request of our guests  we can provide in case not available in the apartment:
iron with ironing board, toaster, coffee maker, long knife for cutting bread,
hear dryer, phone book if it would not be in the apartment. Please check it!.

The  apartments are  self-catered. 
However several breakfast  places  are also  close by 3-5 minutes walk from our apartment house.
NIKA Restaurant for 1800 HUF ~5,6 €. You pay in our office and get a coupon from us. Groups pay on the spot in the restaurant.

Self-catering, use of kitchen
All of our apartments are self-catered : every room has a refrigerator,every apartment has a well equipped kitchen /gas cooker, microwave oven,sink, pots, plates, mugs, glasses, knifes, spoons etc. You can prepare not only breakfast but also hot meals. Coffee maker, toaster  are also available in every kitchen.
If you need somrthing in addition, just tell us upon arrival,not upon departure!

Children discount Our price is low, so unfortunately there is no discount for children.However you can stay in the same room with your children for just a bit higher price as a double room, if you choose a triple or four bedded room.

Air conditioner
The apartment Szk 7/a,Szk 9/1,9/2 11/3,17/4 and Szk 21/3 have air conditioner. If you need one, please let us know. The fee is 2960 HUF per a day and  unit.
On request we even provide portable air conditioner for 2960 Ft per a day extra charge.
However we have many apartments,which are cool during the whole summer.
Those do not need any airconditioner.

Taxes    Our prices include all taxes :VAT and accommodation City Centre Apartments Budapest Szentkiralyi 6/a
also tourist tax.
Children under 18 do not pay any tourist tax!
Students of  Universities in Budapest do not need to pay tourist tax.

Final cleaning    Our prices include a normal final cleaning of the flat.
However if first of all the bathroom and the kitchen does not look after a "normal" use, we allow us to charge a cleansing fee up to 40 €.

Bedclothes, towels  The prices include bedclothes, towels. We provide a large (120x70 cm) and a small towel (50x100 cm). We change them after 7 days.

Aparthotel, apartment hotel in Budapest

Room service
Changing towels 300 Ft for two towels, changing bed clothes 600 Ft per person, cleaning the apartment on request 900 Ft. For long stay guests(over 10 days) free of charge after 7 nights' stay : changing bed clothes and towels, cleaning of kitchen and bathroom.

Overhead expenses
Our prices include overhead expenses like electricity, heating, warm water supply, water.

Minibar   On request we can provide a minibar for a surcharge of 2000 Ft. on prior request

Colour TV set with satellite programs is available in almost every room. The price of the flat Szk 6/a, Szk 11/3, Szk 17/4 ,21/3,28/1 includes already the use of the TV set.
The following rooms are with cable TV. : Szk 6/1, 6/2,Szk 7/1,Szk9/1, 9/2,  Szk 11/1,11/2, 17/1.20,21,28/1. We have only 8 rooms without TV.

Forwarding messages to our guests
We ask the relatives and friends of our guests, to send  messages to our guests e-mail. Phone calls cannot be connected.

Baggage room /left luggage
If you wish us to deposit your luggage after checking out time, we can do it for 300 HUF - regardless of the size of the bag or suite case- per a piece and 500 HUF per a bicycle until 4 p.m. For long term please agree with us.

Payment upon arrival in cash/Hungarian Forint, HUF/ together with the deposit /Euro, USD, PLN,RON, GBP etc./ for the keys.
For the rent we also accept  EUR.
You can pay for the rent  in limited amount -not for groups by coaches- also in  USD, RON, PLN,CZK according to the rate of OTP Bank.
In certain cases down payment is necessary. For groups over 20 persons, in the peak or high season or if we have only some rooms available. Or in case the guest decides to make a firm reservation.
Regarding down payment options open this link.

Early departure
Can be announced latest until 6 p.m. on the previous day. Before 6 a.m. guest can be leaving / receiving the deposit/ only if the departure was announced earlier by phone or at the time paying the deposit etc.

Exchange rates: 1 $ ~301 Forint, 1 Euro ~325 Ft, ( February 18th, 2020.),but changing daily ! The best to change it in a bank, but don't expect good rates at the airport or train stations ! Use the ATMs !
Some exchange offices give 1-4 Forint / 0,5-1.5 % / more for Euro etc., but some exchange offices  particularly on train stations and at airport give 10-20 % less than in the banks.
If you can, please avoid changing money at airport or train stations.
Be cautious and compare before changing a larger amount.
For example around the metro 2 Astoria station you'll find 4-5 banks with ATMs.
You find an exchange office with good rates opposite the train station Keleti pu. at VII. Thokoly ut 12.
Rail way station Nyugati : right from the main entrance on Terez korut 80 m from McDonald's is also an exchange office with good rates.
We accept Euro, USD, PLN, CZK, RON etc.  not only for deposit, but also for the rent at the bank rate of OTP Bank.
Living room
The apartments are altered for renting them as a pension. That is why there is no living room in them. The hall with the kitchen is large in most of them.
If you want to use one room as a living room , rent an apartment with one more room. The price will be not much higher.

Table fan, CD-player, DVD-player, portable radio set
We can provide some  on request for 300 ft per a day.
Iron & ironing board, toaster, coffeemaker, hairdryer phone books,is available free of charge.

Place for smokers is in front of the builing, in the building is on every floor in the main stair case in the middle towards the court yard indicated by a sign. You find a metal ash tray there and after use please empty it in a rubbish bin.

Double beds
We have the same size of beds in the rooms, which can be easily put together by the staff , building an even , large surface as you can see at the photo of Szk 17/4.
Only in  Szentkiralyi utca 5.III. floor studio 21/3  as well as in the brand new 7/a and apartment # 6/a on the first floor is a double bed or king size bed.These apartments are only for non-smokers.
In Szk 21  we also offer a double bed in the room number 2.

Receiving of visitor
Guest is allowed to receive a visitor until 10 p.m. After he/she should pay the difference in the price between single and double accommodation. We check this with the helpf of the surveillance cameras.
The apartment in Szentkiralyi utca 5. ground floor # 6 can  with the help of a stage/stand get an access for wheelchair on prior request.

Our house is petsfriendly for those, who will not disturb the tenanants and guests .
House-trained pets / cats, dogs …/ are free of charge welcome. For we do not know the reaction of the other guests staying in the other room/s/ of the apartment, we can accommodate guests with pet only in independent apartment / studio, two-bedroom-apartment etc. However we require that the pets do not disturb the other tenants , owners and guests in the building.
Discount bicycle rental for our guests
For 6 hours: 1000 forint (3.7 €), for one day costs 1500 forint.
Long term reduction: every fifth day is free of charge !
Each bicycle is with light, bicycle safety lock, helmet,city map and a warm wish for fun.
However we do not think any insurance would be needed in Budapest - bicycle safety lock is sufficient , that is why we do not offer any insuarance for the bicycle.
Deposit is 10 000 forint, which will be returned at an excellent state of the bicycle.

New beauty salon with budget prices on the ground floor in our building in Szentkirályi utca 5. green point beauty, authentic green beauty salon in Budapest
Facial treatments, full-body treatments and massages. Only natural, vegetable derived and homemade bio products will be used during the treatments. They do not contain any aromatic substances, colorants or preservatives.
Details with prices on the web site

City Centre Apartments Inc. apartment hotel in Budapest wishes you a nice stay
in Budapest.

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