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Szk6/a stúdió szállás Budapesten

accommodation in Budapest center

Hotel booking in Budapest
Clean apartments and rooms wth own bathroom in the centre in quiet location, safe area

Szentkiralyi 6/a Aparthotel, apartment-hotel in Budapest

Hostel in Budapest
Apartments, guest rooms with en suite bath in Budapest center
Aparthotel,studio-apartments in Budapest

Hostel in Budapest
Srviced apartments for rent in eclectic buildings in Budapest center

room szk7.1 accommodation, apartment in Budapest

Hotel booking in Budapest
Clean hostel rooms with private bath room in Budapest downtown
9.2 Zimmer mit eigenem Bad im Zentrum von Budapest

Cheap hotel in Budapest
Guest house : budget rooms with bath in Pest Inner City


Hotel in Budapest
Cheap accommodation,rooms with shower,toilet and lavatory basin in the centre in a guest house

studio apartment Szk11/3 in the centre of Pest

Budget lodging in Budapest center

Hotel reservation in Budapest
Guest house:private rooms with own bath room, serviced apartments for rent in Budapest


Hostel in Budapest
Rooms with double beds and private bath in Budapest center for one day in our guest house

Hotel rooms with parking in Budapest center
serviced apartments even for one night
Hotel booking in Budapest
Guest house :cheap accommodation in Budapest for groups, school excursions, trips

Apartment  list, description, more than 105 photos  of  our hotel in Budapest
City Centre Apartments Inc. Budapest= apartment hotel

Apartment hotel in the centre: rooms with bath in serviced apartments for holiday at the metro line # 2, metro #3 and metro #4. 6 min. walk from the pedestrian area (Vaci utca) near metro 2 station Astoria,in the same building.

About photos
The rooms are very similarly furnished, many rooms are  with the same furniture, curtains, carpets,  bathrooms with the same tiles etc. like in a hotel. The  apartments over each other are almost the same arrangement . Though you can  find  picture from all 25 rooms, 20 bathrooms and 18 kitchens.
Beside the description is a photo of the relevant apartment.
More photos you find in the description of each apartment, just click on the link .
We currently provide at least 105 photos at the web site.
So you find at least one photo of every room , bathroom ( lavatory basin, bathtub or shower, toilet) often one more separate WC) and kitchen.

Each apartment has an well equipped kitchen as Szentkiralyi utca 5. apartment nr.2, each room has a refrigerator as Szk2.2.
Szk20 The higher prices are for rooms with separate bath and mostly with cable TV.

2. 1088 Budapest, SZENTKIRÁLYI utca 5.I.floor.ap.7.  81 m2 Short form :Szk 7.
6 min.walk from the pedestrian zone, Váci utca, 3 min.walk from metro st.Astoria,3 houses from the popular shopping street Rákóczi út and four minutes walk from Blaha Lujza ter.
A large One  four bedded room with an additional chairbed. Attached bath this one with shower, one twin and a triple with common large shared bath (bathtub, toilet, lavatory basin) + extra toilet.
Like in every apartment here is also an equipped kitchen in the large hall.
It is  large enough for sitting all of the guests of the apartment and eve more guests having a meal or chat together.

Studio "Szk 7/a"          : 1088 Budapest,SZENTKIRÁLYI u.5.I.floor 7/a     25 m2
One room looks to the quiet, at noon sunny court yard for max. 2 people with a double bed (king size bed),
cable TV. 1 bathroom with shower, lavatory basin, extra toiletFully equipped kitchen.
Prices see under studios below.

2.a 1088 Budapest, SZENTKIRÁLYI utca 5 I.11.     68 m2     Short form :Szk 11.
1 double room + chair bed with private bathroom (bathtub,toilet,lavatory basin ), 1 room with 3 beds + chair bed separate bath(shower, toilet, lavatory basin) + extra toilet. A large kitchen. Both rooms look to the street.

short form: Szk 11/3 1 separate 28 m2 studio apartment with 2 beds and a chair bed,cable TV, shower,toilet, kitchen called Szk 11/3.  Each room etc. has has a door.
View to the quiet court yard. Prices see under studios below.

2.c 1088 Budapest,SZENTKIRÁLYI u.5.fsz.6.ground floor 67 m2
Short form Szk 6.
2 rooms looking to the street, 1 for 2 the other one for max. 4 people. Both rooms with cable TV. 2 separate bathrooms with shower etc., one kitchen. This apartment is for non-smokers.

short form: Szk 6/a 28 m2 separate cosy apartment with king size bed looking to the court yard with 2 beds and a chair bed, shower, toilet, kitchen. The washing machine can be used for an extra fee.
Called : : studio  Szk 6/a.
Prices see under studios below.

2.d 1088 Budapest, SZENTKÁLYI UTCA 5.I.9.   47 m2      
Short form : Szk 9.
One quiet room for 2 persons and one with cable TV and another one for max. 3 persons.
Both rooms with private bath room and with view to the quiet court yard. 
This apartment is for non-smokers.
See photo of the view to the apartment in winter and in summer

2.e 1088 Budapest, SZENTKIRÁLYI utca 5 .III.17.      85 m2 
Short form : Szk 17.
1 small room for max. two pers. with one bed and a chair bed,1 room for max. 3 people
( two beds and a chair bed ) sharing a large bath room (shower,toilet, lavatory basin)
A large rooom with three beds and a chairbed with private bath.
Each room looks to the street. Prices in brackets are for the two rooms with shared bath.
Like in every apartment here is also an equipped kitchen in the large hall.
It is  large enough for sitting all of the guests of the apartment having a meal together.

short form: Szk 17/4 A 28 m2 separate apartment with two beds and a chair bed, cable TV , bathroom with shower, toilet.   Kitchenette.
The windows look to the sunny, quiet court yard.
Summer view of the apartment.   (Short form :Szk 17/4).   
Prices see under studios below.

2.f 1088 Budapest,SZENTKIRÁLYI utca 6.II.28. / 74 m2/ 
Short form : Szk 28.
1 small room for max.2 people/ one bed and a chairbed, which is the same size just 5 cm lower than a bed, 1 room for max. for 4 people  ( 3 beds and a chair bed) and the other room is for max.5 people ( 3 beds and 2 chairbeds). The small one looks to well of court, the large rooms look to a romantic cour yard with plants. Each room with private/en suite/bath.
One rooms is with cable TV. Like in every apartment there is a kitchen and in every room a refrigerator.          Elevator is in the building.

2.h 1088 Budapest,SZENTKIRÁLYI utca 5.III.20. / 48 m2 / Short form : Szk 20.
One room for max. 3 persons : 2 beds and a chairbed, cable TV.The other  other one with two beds and a chairbed. Each room with separate entrance . The rooms are sunny and look to the quiet court yard.The smaller room has a mini hifi tower. The flat is for max. 6 people.
Only one bathroom is with bathtub, toilet, lavatory basin, and with washing machine( use is for extra charge).
Like in every apartment here is also, one equipped kitchen .   No elevator.
Prices see next below under Szk 21.

2.i 1088 Budapest,SZENTKIRÁLYI utca 5.III.21. / 80 m2 / short form: Szk21
One room for max. 4 persons and the other one for max.3 persons with a double bed and a chair bed , each with separate entrance . The rooms are sunny and look to the street.The large room is with cable TV.
Only one bathroom is with shower, lavatory basin. The separate toilet is with small lavatory. Like in every apartment here is also, one equipped kitchen. See photo. The flat has a very large hall/lounge , where all of the guests can sit down together.

short form: Szk21/3 1 separate 28 m2 studio  apartment with a doublebed and a chair bed,cable TV, shower,toilet, lavatory basin and a kitchen.The apartment is called Szk 21/3 . 
Each room /bath,kitchen etc/. has a door.   View to the quiet court yard.
Prices see under studios higher up . No elevator.

Exchange rates  :1 $ = 280 HUF, 1 Euro = 312 Ft,
                         ( OTP Bank November 22nd,  2018.)

For today's exchange rate " valuta vételi " in the OTP bank please
click here.

City Centre Apartments Budapest Inc. - apartment hotel in Budapest- wishes   you a pleasant stay in Budapest !

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